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Flying Experiences & Gift Cards

Want to experience the thrill of flight or buy a gift card for someone, you're in the right place.


Experience Flight

Do you want to feel the thrill of take off, then see the world from a different perspective and rush of landing in either a flexwing or fixed wing Microlight aircraft then click here, or the button below, choose your airfield, select trial flight and make your choice!

Experience Anchor

Want to buy a special experience for someone, then click here or click the button below and decide on the various options for an amazing flight experience.

If you have any questions then please call us on

01335 682268 or use the chat button and we'll help.

Unwrapping Present

Aircraft Types & Differences

Want to know your Flexwing "weight shift" from your "3 Axis" Fixed Wing Microlight, then click here for some detail from the British Microlight Association (BMAA) and they'll explain, as they know best!

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