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Flying & Ground Training

Providing All Your Pilot Training Needs

Flight Training Status & Booking System

The Flying Status button (above) takes you to our Flight Status page that gives information on the suitability for flying each day, next to it is the online Booking System button for air and ground lessons for students, bi-annual revalidation for qualified pilots and trial flights.


If you are interested in learning to fly a Microlight then click the button below and complete the student onboarding form.

Otherwise if you are just browsing please click on the "more info..." button in the relevant section below. Thanks.

Training Services

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NPPL (M) Pilot Training

We offer the whole range of NPPL(M) training, fixed wing, flexwing, type conversions. Click below for further reading.

Sub70 & SSDR Training

On top of the NPPL(M), we can train and convert you to Sub70 & SSDR. Please follow the link below for more reading.

Ground Training

On top of the flying training we have a suite of ground course that complement any pilot, from the NPPL exams to expanding knowledge on engine, navigation systems and servicing.

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