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Flight Status

Status on: Saturday 18/05/24 @ 07.30am

Please always check the Flight Status again, before you depart.

Please reference the date of lesson when paying by BACS. Thank you.


Darley Moor Airfield
Flying Lessons & Trial Flights

Flexwing - ON

Fixed Wing - ON

Forecast: Sunny Periods


Dairy House Farm Airfield
Flying Lessons & Trial Flights

Flexwing - ON

Fixed Wing - ON

Forecast: Sunny Periods

Flight Status Notes

You will typically see:

  • ON - we are good to go! Turn up at least 15 minutes before your take off time.

  • OFF - sadly no go, your flight is cancelled and you will have to rebook.

  • Then you might see a half way house message, maybe along the lines of check back later or flights are cancelled before or after a certain time. 

Whatever the message we strongly advise checking this web page before you travel to the airfield, as the weather in the UK can sometimes play against us at very short notice. You can also call the main number 01335 682268 and choose flight status for a spoken version.

Please also note that on some rare occasions the pilot in command may cancel the flight right up until the departure, if this happens rest assured the decision will have been reached with your safety as the number one priority. 


Cancellation of a trial flight. Should your trial flight be cancelled, we will issue you with a new voucher code to your email address. This can take 24 hours. Once you have the new voucher code you can visit the online booking system to rebook.

Cancellation of an instructional lesson. Please go to the booking system and rebook. 

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