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Maintenance Services

Providing All Your Microlight Maintenance Needs...


Rotax Engine Service & Repair

We have accredited Rotax Engineers in our team that can provide full service, maintenance and repairs to your two Stroke or 912 Rotax engine.

We can offer everything, be it spare parts, service kits, carburettor servicing and balancing, sprag clutch replacements, gearbox servicing, shock load testing, hose replacements, alongside all of your required hourly scheduled maintenance and inspections.

If you want to enquire about getting an estimate use the button below and complete the online form.

Airframe Servicing, Maintenance and Inspections

Our dedicated team of Engineers and Inspectors are able to issue you with your Permit To Fly, certificate of validity, do modification inspections, carry out scheduled airframe maintenance and weight reports.

If you want to enquire about getting an estimate use the button below and complete the online form.


Accident Repair Centre

Should the worst happen, our professional team can resolve your incident from collection to completion.  

We can recover your aircraft from most UK locations to our purpose built accident repair centre based at Darley Moor Airfield, Derbyshire.  Issue detailed accident reports and quotes for your insurance company, fully carry out all repairs, inspections, even return the aircraft to your home airfield.

“I collected my re-skinned Skyranger Classic from Micro Maintenance yesterday and had a wonderful 2hr flight home. I do not have the words to describe how good Mark and his team are. Their skills, knowledge and experience with Skyrangers is second to none, nothing was left out, practically similar to a commercial aircraft D inspection ! Mark landed after the first check flight and he only needed to tweek the rudder bungee a few mm and small adjust to the aileron turn buckles. I then went up with Mark for a permit check flight and it flew impeccably, no turn whatsoever, passed all tests with flying colours, plus a noticeable improvement in climb rate and cruise speed. This aircraft had not undergone any repairs or adjustments since build in 2005 by Flylight, so the very smooth (no wrinkle) Xlam upgrade and control cable and control surface re-calibration  has made a big improvement. Climb rate at MAUW and  throttle setting at a cruise of 80-85 mph has improved. The handover process is extemely professional and thorough and I would not hesitate to recommend Micro for any Skyranger work.
A very pleased customer !"

Mick - CCXH

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