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Flying Training

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Flight Training Status & Booking System

The Flying Status button (above) takes you to our Flight Status page that gives information on the suitability for flying each day, next to it is the online Booking System button for air and ground lessons for students, bi-annual revalidation for qualified pilots and trial flights.


If you're interested in learning to fly a Microlight then click the button below to fill out the student onboarding form.

Otherwise if you are just browsing please read on below, follow the links and then maybe give us a call on 01335 682268 or use the contact icon below (bottom right).


NPPL(M) Training - Fixed Wing

A sports light aircraft (also known as a three axis or fixed wing Microlight) resembles a conventional light aeroplane in both looks and control systems. They are not as weather restricted as flexwing microlights and have a closed cockpit and the luxury of a cabin heater!

Want to know more, then head over to the BMAA, the governing body for Microlights here

NPPL(M) Training - Flexwing

Flexwing microlights have a “hang glider” shaped wing with a trike unit below, containing the engine, seats and landing gear.  Flexwings are open cockpit aircraft, exposed to the elements, with either two seats (passenger seated behind the pilot) or a single seat. They are steered by the pilot moving the trike unit from side to side and forward and aft.

If you follow this link here it will take you to our governing body, the BMAA and they will tell you more about Flexwing flying.


Sub 70kgs & SSDR Training

Single Seat De-Regulation (SSDR) & Sub 70kg has opened up access to many wonderful flying machines to the solo microlight pilot. There is the possibility of further cross-credit routes to a microlight licence from hang glider and paraglider power ratings. Contact us to discuss this exciting option.

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