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Aircraft Valeting

Micro Valets offer a professional mobile or fly in valeting service for light aircraft. Offering three different tiers of valeting service, depending on the finish required.


Gold Valet

Bronze Clean & Silver Polish + Detailed clean inside & out, Full Polish, High Dirt areas 2nd Polish, Spat internal DeCrud, Wheels Blacked, Screen Restored & High Polish, Dash & Dials Polished. Click for options and weight categories on the Gold finish, including guide prices.

Silver Valet

Bronze Clean + Airframe De Grease, Wing UV Wax*, Cockpit Cleaned, Screen & Window Glass Glow cleaned, Nose, Prop, Leading Edge & Tail plane polished. Click for more options and weight categories on the Silver finish, including guide prices.


Bronze Valet

De Mud & Crud Airframe & Wing Wash, Prop Clean, Debug, Screen & Window Clean, water repellent high finish. Click for more options and weight categories on the Bronze finish, including guide prices.

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