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Ground Courses

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NPPL(M) Ground School

We offer instructor led NPPL(M) Ground School that covers the requirements to meet the NPPL(M) ground exams. These courses are typically run towards the end of the year as the days shorten and the weather worsens.

The topics covered are; Meteorology, Navigation, Aviation Law, Human Factors & Aircraft Technical.

We also conduct and proctor the exams.

Part of the Ground School Subjects are Exercises in the flying Syllabus, such as Exercises 2 & 3 

More details HERE

Ground Training Courses

Separately we offer Ground Training Courses to help educate and inform an NPPL(M) pilot, these courses are mixed between face to face and online.


They cover many aspects of aviation from Airframe, Engine, Navigation, Daily Inspections, Software used in the cockpit (i.e SkyDemon, Pilot Aware etc).


We try to offer a whole spectrum of topics that make you safer and more aware.

Image by Felicia Buitenwerf
Helicopter Cockpit

One to One Training

If you feel that your learning is best done one to one, then we can also offer this approach to Ground Training. We can conduct it online or face to face and dedicate an instructor to you. 

Please enquire directly with the office should this be your preference.

You can use the chat button below, call or email us.

''The Course was amazing going through the basic elements of the engine to recognise/identify each system with great tips on what to look for regarding preventative maintenance & to ultimately fly safe!


It will give me a lot more confidence when looking at my own engine & I thoroughly recommend it as essential learning for any Microlight pilot,  whether they own an aircraft or not.''


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