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Sub70 - Custom Harness (Single)

Make a statement with our custom Sub70 colour match harnesses.   With a variety of colours to choose from these stunning 3 point harnesses are not only more comfortable than a standard harness, but they have an easy metal 3 bar slide adjustment and seatbelt style clip.  


Manufactured to our specification by LUKE Racing Systems, these have been designed to fit the PeaBee, Adam, BivvyBee & NiNE these standout harnesses are only available to buy direct through Micro Maintenance. Should you have a another Sub70 aircraft type please call us to discuss. prior to ordering.


The harness is supplied as a single item.


Sold online as supply only.  This harness is NOT approved for permit to fly aircraft.


Please note: the images are for example only.

Sub70 - Custom Harness (Single)

  • Weight per harness: 1.08kg

    The LUKE logo cannot be removed from the harness or replaced. The integrity of the harness will be affected should you try to modify this seatbelt in any way.  

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